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Second 49 is a Miami-based language services company which in the interpreting sphere, primarily interprets between Spanish and English,  Portuguese and English, and Haitian Créole and English. We of course work with interpreter partners who can interpret between virtually any language combination. We have worked as interpreters in numerous settings, including but not limited to courtroom proceedings, depositions, mediations, asylum interviews, employment-based immigration proceedings, family law proceedings and others.



We’ve interpreted at evidentiary hearings and trials. The formality, the time constraints, the plethora of evidentiary objections, the importance of direct examination and the tug-of-war between attorney and witness on cross-examination make courtroom interpreting a high-wire act. You know you’re doing it right when the testimony is over, your job is done, but you don’t remember having THOUGHT about interpreting for however long the witness was on the stand. You simply interpreted.

Asylum Interviews

Asylum Interviews: For all asylum cases filed in Florida, asylum interviews take place in Miami. This puts us in a prime position to interpret at these interviews. Given the stakes, we recognize the importance of accurately interpreting the applicant’s answers, while still adhering to the interpreter’s code of ethics of not adding to the testimony or helping the witness, no matter how sympathetic.


Spanish-English interpreting at depositions is our most common engagement. As with all interpreting engagements, familiarity with the general subject matter (is it a homeowner’s insurance claim or a personal injury claim?) and a bit of study to become familiar with the case at hand (procedural history, role of all the parties) goes a long way to make the interpreter’s performance a success. We know that interpreting poses significant challenges, but we’ve prepared our entire lives to meet those challenges. We look forward to serving you as interpreters.

Medical Examinations

Medical Interpreting Medical interpreting is necessary in many contexts, including an independent medical examination tied to litigation. Medical interpreting requires proficiency in the relevant language combination, plus knowledge of the technical medical terms in both languages. We are also cognizant of the personal and sensitive nature of health matters. A good medical interpreter is crucial in reaching a diagnosis, explaining treatment options, and establishing trust between patient and medical professional. We look forward to serving in this capacity.

The three modes of interpreting are consecutive, simultaneous and sight. In consecutive interpreting, the first party speaks in one language and pauses, the interpreter then interprets what has been said, and then listens for either the answer of another party, or for the continuation of the first party’s statement. Simultaneous interpreting describes the mode of interpreting where the interpreting is occurring almost in real time with the statement being made. When you see footage of delegates at the United Nations wearing headsets, they are listening to a simultaneous interpretation of the speech being given. Sight interpreting involves the reading of a document presented to the interpreter, followed by the interpretation. Second 49’s interpreters are prepared to provide all three modes of interpreters, and with the changes brought on by COVID-19, we are also prepared to provide remote interpreting via Zoom or another similar platform.

We know that interpreting poses significant challenges, but we’ve prepared our entire lives to meet those challenges. We look forward to serving you as interpreters.

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