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A Translating & Interpreting Company

Meet The Team


Juan F. Alban

President, Translator & Interpreter
English, Spanish,  French and Portuguese

Second 49 was founded by me, Juan F. Alban, a born translator and interpreter who took a 20-plus year detour into the practice of law, mostly in Miami, Florida. While still an attorney, I often thought that the interpreter at a deposition or a courtroom, or the translator who translated documents for a case, was the happiest person in the entire process. The birth of my child spurred me to seriously reassess my career choice, and in June 2015, I began translating. The fact that I had spent my entire legal career going back and forth between Spanish (the clients) and English (the judges, opposing counsel), plus the fact that I’m an über-language nerd (I studied French for 12 years and studied Portuguese when I moved to Miami because why not?) made translation natural and joyful. In 2017, interpreting was added to the range of services I offer. In 2019, at age 49, I stopped practicing law and completed my career change. I love translating and interpreting, and I’d love to spend the second 49 years of my life doing so. I look forward to serving you.

Ana Paula

Translator & Interpreter
Portuguese to English | Spanish to English


Translator & Interpreter
Portuguese to English | English to Portuguese.


Translator & Interpreter
Portuguese to English | English to Portuguese.


Haitian Creole and English


English, French and Spanish

Who Are We

Second 49 is a translating and interpreting company.

Our Mission

Whether we are interpreting or translating, our mission is to create an impeccable agreement for each project with you, our client, where we will do what we agreed to do, when we agreed to do it, for the agreed-upon price, at an excellent level of performance.

What We Do

We provide high quality translations and interpreting services

Our 6-D Process


We first discover the nature and scope of your project. How large is the undertaking, and what is the date of performance or deadline for delivery?


After the initial assessment, we perform additional analysis to fully understand your project’s needs. Yes, you need an interpreter, but would you be better served by an interpreter with experience in legal or health matters? That is the type of analysis we perform during this phase of our process.


Our in-house team of expert translators and interpreters have proven their skill and professionalism time and again. Further, we work with a broad array of language professionals, all dedicated to providing excellent service. Rest assured, your project will be managed by qualified, conscientious individuals who will deliver, every time.


We take the extra step of checking in with the professional designated to your project. If it’s an interpreter, we provide a reminder of the engagement to the interpreter. If your project is a translation, and if possible, we will ask the translator to deliver his or her work on a rolling basis.



How many times have you meticulously and repeatedly reviewed something you’ve written, only to have a second set of eyes point out that you didn’t capitalize the first word of the first sentence? Our translators are no different. That’s where we come in, with a fresh and rested pair of eyes, to ensure that the translated document delivered to you is of the best quality possible.


We know better than most that judges, arbitrators, asylum officers, loan officers, title agents and other professional won’t wait, because they can’t. Our simple pledge to you is on-time delivery, or it’s free.

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